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Our Mission is

To promote the interests of small business among policy makers and opinion leaders, to inform and educate on legislation that helps or hurts Colorado businesses, and to encourage citizens in business to participate in the political process.

Our Commitments and Belief

The Russian Republican Business Club (RRBC) was established to support Colorado small business and small business owners by tracking and reporting legislative, regulatory and judicial activity that affects small business.

We believe that the Republican Party, as a political organization, best represents the interest of small business.

RRBC is dedicated to the U. S. Constitution and the principles in the founding documents that support small business and small business owners…

- A republican form of limited government
- A free market economy
- Private property rights
- The due process of law
- Protection of individual rights based on our common humanity and not on racial, ethnic, gender, or other government granted privileges masquerading as "rights"

Members of our business club actively and directly engage with Colorado’s legislators and regulators in a variety of ways – monthly luncheons, annual holiday parties, casual meetings for coffee, meet-and-greet receptions, attending and testifying at legislative hearings, etc.